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Where is the Door 2 The Ripper
“Hello Benji... If you want to know what is at the end of the hallway… there is only one way to find out. As you touch the wall at the end, the wall will open to show three buttons. One button will eject three blades from the wall on either side of you, making an incision into the side of your rib cage, into your heart, and the other two will sever your frontal lobe and cerebral cortex.
“Another button will tear the man who is walking into the door after you, completely and cleanly in half, with minor disembowelment.
“The next button will bring you one step closer, until you have met the ripper.
On the wall in front of him, words lit up. At first glance, it looked like a math problem, once he started reading it, it really was a math problem.
“A man walks up to a cash register, buying an item that is one dollar and fifty cents. He pays with a twenty dollar bill. As the cashier is putting in the money, the man asks if he will give him three fi
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Where is the Door?
Benji got out of the taxi in downtown Denver. It had been a two hour drive, and now the sun was just fully over the horizon, and a few people were on the sidewalks. Though the sun was out, it was still cold enough to see his breath, so he tightened his hood even more. He looked up at the tall building, 1st Denver Bank. He finally had the correct paperwork, fake license, fake job description, fake wages. He asked Laurie to come along and act as his wife, but she had to do the last yard work before winter started.
He entered the bank, and walked to the front desk. There was a kind looking lady at the desk, she was black and had on a blue and purple dress, with gold framed glasses that she pushed up as she looked at Benji.
"Hi, what can I help you with?" Martha asked him.
"I need a loan." Benji said.
"A loan?"
"Alright... Mr. March is available, I'll tell him you're coming up. He's in office number 734."
"Thank you!" Benji walked over to the elevators and pushed the up button. He
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Jeffery W Bradford
United States
Yes, today I kick off my big huge (not so huge) second novel! The first, before you ask, has not been published, nor will I be talking about it here. I have started this journal to try and keep me focused on the task at hand. I am starting this novel not for money, nor fame, nor face, just because I have not really written anything original in a while, and I feel that writing this novel will be very fulfilling and infinitely more enjoyable than just sitting at the computer, wishing I were writing it. Yes, I am dedicated to the art of literature, though I have been slacking lately, I have been writing for more than half of my life, since I was 9 years old I wrote little small stories, bigger stories, and terrible stories, but terrible stories are those that you can learn from in a good sense. They set the boundaries backwards so you don't step back toward it, it only gives you incentive to set the experience forward. Or at least it should. If you sit around asking yourself why you made this happen or this or this, then you are obviously not really cut out for this, any good writer would know how to get his red marker out and give it a good EDITING PROCESS just to get the kinks and bugs out of it.
I don't know if anyone will actually be reading this, but I know I'm going to enjoy writing for it.
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Hey it's mattcha~ How do u want u're characters? Give me reeaaly alooot of details. As much as u could think of! And da style u want it!(^.^) If u have any questions or suggestions, please tell me! I'll b waiting!
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Greetings. I am an author of Novels and also of short stories. Please enjoy!
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